Professor Emeritus Iakovos Farsedakis
“... we will see a rebirth of criminology in Greece thanks to young Criminologists…”
Rethinking the Code of Ethics for Criminologists-
The Greek paradigm

by Calliope D. Spinellis,
Emeritus Professor of Criminology
Kapodistrian University of Athens

We return to the debate around a Code of Ethics for Criminologists for two main reasons: Firstly because we wish to have an interactive contact with our readers, through the ‘art of crime’, regarding the very need of such a Code. And secondly, because in Greece other professions, both more and less relevant to criminological science (such as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers) have their own ethical codes.

“Asking people…”
Interesting questions and even more
interesting responses

This edition examines the controversial right to euthanasia. An inquiry conducted by the Centre for Penal and Criminological Research, asked passers-by their opinion on the matter:

Are you in favor or do you oppose keeping alive an incurable patient who:
a) makes a conscious and persistent request for death?
b) the person is in coma and his condition was described as "irreversible"?


Louk Hulsman (1923-2009)

 ... was born on March 8th, 1923 in the town of Kerkrade in the Netherlands. In 1964 he becomes the first Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Rotterdam. During his academic career, some of his main objectives concern the development of a program of legal studies, based on interdisciplinarity, through the integration of sciences such as Sociology, Psychology and Economics in Legal studies, as well as on research, promoting equality in the collaboration of Professors and students.

Promoting the Greek study of criminological subject matter...


The research with title “The modern issue of euthanasia” was conducted between the years 2005-2006 by the Center for Penal and Criminological Research, University of Athens under the academic supervision of the Head of the above Center Professor Nestor Courakis. ...

Building New Prisons in Greece
by Anastasia Chalkia
PhD Candidate,
Sociologist - MACriminology, 
Panteion University of Athens

In 2008 the Ministry of  Justice in Greece announced the construction of six new prisons, as a plan for improvement of living conditions of prisoners-a decision which arises many questions, given that crime constitutes a major social issue that troubles both those involved in criminal policy and society as a whole.
So, many questions arise...:

A Code of Ethics for Criminologists?
The position of Mr. Nestor Courakis, Professor at the Athens School of Law and Director of the Centre for Penal and Criminological Research, regarding the subject of “A Code of Ethics for Criminologists – a moral project for the 21st century?" prompted by the recent symposium of March, 18,2008.
Scientific Conference on:
"The penal system and correctional measures for drug addicts.
The Greek and international experience”

The Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace, organized a two day scientific conference on the "Penal system and correctional measures for drug addicts. The Greek and international experience.” The workshop was held at the University of Thrace, on March 31st and April 1st, 2009. 
Seminar-Discussion on:
"Domestic Violence: Prospects after Law 3500/2006"

On Thursday, June 28th, 2007 a seminar entitled"Domestic Violence: Prospects after the Law 3500/2006” was held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Athenian Court of Appeals. The seminar was jointly organized by the Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation, the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, the Appeals District Prosecutor of Athens and the Center for Penal and Criminological Research.
Seminar-Discussion on:
A Code of Ethics for Greek’s Criminologists

The Greek Society of Criminology and the Center for Penal and Criminological Research conducted an event-discussion entitled: "A Code of Ethics for Criminologists – a moral project for the 21st century?" on Tuesday, March 18, 2008.


Advice on relationships with your children
"Every society has the children it deserves" juvenile delinquency is the result of adults’ selfish indifference for their children, said Eugene Trivizas, Professor of Criminology and author of children’s books, in an interview.

This makes the responsibilities of adults somewhat exclusive in cases where the topic concerning our young angels.

Runaway prisoners…
Great escape stories


"Passion for freedom is more powerful than all the cages"
July 4th, 2006. A sunny Athenian Sunday and the day of the Acropolis rally of Greece. The rally was being covered by helicopters, coming and going in the Attica sky. One helicopter however heads towards Korydallos prison and lands in the courtyard of the Judicial Prison to the surprise of the both the guards and prisoners. However, not everyone was taken by surprise; Vassilis Paleokostas, a notorious Greek outlaw along with his friend and accomplice Alcetas Riza take their cue and amid the general confusion lift off in a cloud of dust in the helicopter to freedom.

The 90s rock music scene in Greece
The case of transition from deviant behavior to criminality
by Andreas Albanis,
Sociologist - Dr. Criminology
The following article focuses on the theoretical and experiential environment of research. This is not a criminological study of Greek rock music subculture, but an exploration of the relationship between deviance and crime, using subculture as an example. Thus, we are examining the ambiguity between deviance and crime via a particular subculture, not within it. The result therefore is not Criminology of rock, but rather - as inappropriate as it may sound - a rock Criminology. 
Curiosity kills ...
In this issue our idea finally takes shape after 3 years of trying to acquire permission to come in contact with prisoners and give them voice, the chance to communicate with free society, as we re-publish an article written by a prisoner from the school journal of the Special Institution for Juvenile Offenders in Avlonas . "Trying… for tomorrow" We wish to thank the school administration who granted us the material and to reassure A.K. that we will be on hand to assist his way to "the stars".


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